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Wearing the Colours of the Sun

When we imagine cotton, a ball of white fluff instantly comes to mind. But, in reality, the plant naturally exists in multiple colours. Archaeological evidence shows that various shades of colour-grown cotton have blossomed wild across South America and Asia for the last 5,000 years.

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Earthsight Report

The major fashion brands are sourcing cotton from Brazil’s Bahia state, linked to a range of concerning issues including land grabbing, illegal deforestation, violence, human rights violations, and corruption.

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organic cotton

OCC and Spoerry 1866 have joined forces to bring to market the exclusive organic and regenerative Brazilian color cotton

OCC and Spoerry 1866 have signed an agreement to consistently market the thread derived from the exclusive organic and regenerative color cotton OCCRegenerative® Brazil. This agreement will not only provide stability to the social project we carry out with Brazilian agricultural communities responsible for cultivating this cotton but also allow for a gradual increase in the number of farmers involved in this project.

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OCC: A Regenerative Transformation in the Textile Industry

With over 30 years of leadership driven by our commitment to sustainability, environmental regeneration, and social impact, OCC has been pioneers in the production of 100% organic and naturally colored cotton. Today, we celebrate a significant milestone in our evolution by announcing our corporate update.

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Unmasking greenwashing in regenerative agriculture: beyond glyphosate

Amidst the controversy surrounding Bayer’s statements at the Fruit Attraction event, we believe that authenticity and transparency are crucial in regenerative agriculture. At OCC, we are committed to sustainability and regenerative agricultural practices, and we wish to share our perspective and contribution to this important debate.

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