OCC: A Regenerative Transformation in the Textile Industry

Get Ready to Change the World with Organic Cotton Colours!

With over 30 years of leadership driven by our commitment to sustainability, environmental regeneration, and social impact, OCC has been pioneers in the production of 100% organic and naturally colored cotton. Today, we celebrate a significant milestone in our evolution by announcing our corporate update. We proudly present our refreshed corporate image, a modern website, and an innovative portfolio of cotton sourced from our high-impact social and environmental projects.

Organic Roots: Pioneers in 100% Organic and Naturally Colored Cotton

Since our foundation in 1992, we have been a reference in the production of 100% organic cotton, naturally colored from the seed without genetic engineering, with guaranteed traceability. In 2024, we take a bold step towards a regenerative value proposition that prioritizes the health of people and the planet.

Regenerative Commitment: Transforming the Textile Industry

Our commitment goes beyond collaborating with projects that promote fair development in agricultural communities. We work with companies aligned with these values and share this future vision. A vision that transcends the conventional textile industry to bring transformative values.

Discover OCC's Regeneration

At OCC, we offer the finest cotton, 100% organic and naturally colored, grown using Regenerative and Biodynamic techniques, ensuring traceability throughout the supply chain, from seed to final garment. These are our solutions for the textile sector:

OCCRegenerative® Brazil: Since 2013, we have promoted our own cultivation project in northeastern Brazil, supporting over 200 families. Through Regenerative techniques, we cultivate food and cotton, born in color.

OCCBiodynamic® Egypt: The desert miracle transformed 2,500 hectares of desert into fertile soil. There, we cultivate one of the world’s best extra-long staple cottons, using Biodynamic techniques.

OCCRegenerative® Turkey: A carbon farming project, a new Regenerative initiative that blends hemp and cotton and maximizes CO2 uptake in agricultural practice.

Business Evolution and Technological Modernization

We present a branding maturation and a transition from the company name from Organic Cotton Colours to OCC. Additionally, we have invested in technological modernization to have greater control and capabilities in our processes.

New Team and Pricing Policy

We highlight the addition of Santi Ribera as a new key partner at OCC. Likewise, after conducting a comprehensive analysis of our value chain, competition, and market needs, we have managed to configure a more economical, fair, and coherent product offering, despite the sector’s growth.

At OCC, we firmly believe that buying quality does not necessarily mean high spending. We strive to bring our products closer to the public, understanding and appreciating their importance.

New Dawn with OCC

These actions have been carried out to reinforce OCC’s DNA and our vision for the past 30 years, with the aim of positioning ourselves in a B2B market. Soon, you will receive news about our new strategic alliances.

Be part of the solution with OCC, leading a transformation that will change the world. We are on track to build the textile industry we all yearn for. It’s time to act!

Explore our new website and visit our new portfolio. This simply represents another step forward in the transformation of the textile industry. Join OCC!