OCC and Spoerry 1866 have joined forces to bring to market the exclusive organic and regenerative Brazilian color cotton

This collaboration marks a milestone in our mission, which began in 1992, to revitalize ancient varieties of organic cotton that naturally grow colored in Brazil

OCC and Spoerry 1866 have signed an agreement to consistently market the thread derived from the exclusive organic and regenerative color cotton OCCRegenerative® Brazil. This agreement will not only provide stability to the social project we carry out with Brazilian agricultural communities responsible for cultivating this cotton but also allow for a gradual increase in the number of farmers involved in this project.

Spoerry 1866, a renowned Swiss manufacturer of high-quality threads, will have the opportunity to include in its premium catalogue the thread produced in this exclusive project of organic and regenerative color cotton. As part of this alliance, the fabrics marketed by OCC, originating from this organic and regenerative cotton from Brazil, will be spun by the prestigious Swiss house.

This alliance is a significant milestone in our commitment to revitalize and promote naturally colored ancient varieties of cotton, which were abandoned in the 19th century after the industrial revolution and the introduction of chemical dyeing processes.

Furthermore, our project in Brazil facilitates the transition to environmental and social sustainability in the textile industry. We hold the OCCGuarantee® certification, ensuring our 30 years of work in line with GOTS standards of environmental respect, human rights, and professional ethics.

This alliance comes at a crucial moment for the textile industry, as the market has shown a growing interest in naturally colored cotton varieties, which eliminate the need for dyeing processes. As a result, we not only preserve the ecological properties of the product but also respond to consumer demand for more sustainable products.

Together, We Change the World with 100% Organic and Regenerative Color Cotton

This collaboration paves the way for new partners to commit to OCC and join our transformative journey in the textile industry. By promoting the consumption of fabrics and garments made with 100% Organic and Regenerative Color Cotton, we invite brands, suppliers, and consumers to actively contribute to creating lasting positive impacts on people, the environment, and agricultural communities.

This is the change we want to see in the textile industry! We look forward to receiving your email with the news that you too are joining the journey.