What we offer

When it comes to combining quality, sustainability, and good practices, we don't cut corners. That's why all our yarns are crafted with compacted and combed organic cotton, and they are offered undyed, respecting the natural colour of the cotton fibres.

Certified 100% organic and regenerative cotton yarns

We offer high-quality yarns of various counts, crafted with our varieties of 100% certified ecological cotton sourced from three sustainable and fair trade agricultural projects.

OCCRegenerative® Brazil cotton yarns

Crafted from Naturally Colorgrown Brazilian cotton, our yarns are offered in a Ne 30-count and made of compacted and combed cotton for enhanced quality. We provide them in various shades of green and brown achieved by blending the fibres of the varieties Branco Aroeira (ecru), BR Verde (green), and BR Rubí (reddish-brown).

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OCCBiodynamic® Egypt cotton yarns

Yarns from various Giza varieties of Egyptian Pima cotton, compacted and combed with counts ranging from Ne 14 to Ne 120. We offer yarn cones in the natural cream colour of Giza 90 cotton and in the pure white colour of Giza 92 cotton.

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OCCRegenerative® Turkey cotton yarns

Crafted from Turkish Aegean cotton, an Upland variety known for its long and uniform staples, our yarns are made with combed and compacted cotton, with counts ranging from Ne 30 to Ne 60. We offer these yarns in the natural cream colour of the Aegean cotton fibre.

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Want to know more about our yarns? Need yarn from our cotton with different specifications?

Contact us to know more about our portfolio of naturally coloured cotton yarns. If you require it, we can also manufacture yarns of various counts and colours, always crafted from our 100% organic cottons and following our standards of quality and sustainability.


Here's all the detailed information! Product technical sheets, references, and processes.

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All our yarns are OCCGuarantee® certified. Only then can we ensure that with your purchase, you receive exclusively organic and regenerative cotton yarns, crafted with our cottons by suppliers who guarantee labor rights and adhere to GOTS industrial processes.