Certification and traceability

We certify and guarantee the entire supply chain of our products, from seed to garment. OCCGuarantee® is our quality seal under which we have been working for 30 years with GOTS criteria regarding environmental respect, human rights, and professional ethics.

Our cottons are certified 100% organic and regenerative, originating from social and sustainable agricultural projects. We transform our cotton into yarns, fabrics, and garments, always collaborating with suppliers who adhere to our code of conduct to ensure they share our values and commitment to generating positive impact for the planet and people.

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Traceability of our ecological and sustainable cotton products

Cotton seeds

We source different varieties of 100% certified organic and regenerative cotton from three sustainable agricultural projects with a positive social impact.

Brazil, Turkey and Egypt

Yarn cones

Crafted from compacted and combed 100% organic cotton to ensure superior quality and fineness. Undyed, respecting the natural colors of the fiber of our cotton varieties.

Switzerland, Spain, Egypt and Turkey


Superior quality knitted and woven fabrics, crafted with European standards with our yarns, in textile mills carefully selected for their high quality and sustainable industrial processes.

Spain, Portugal and Egypt

Garment manufacturing

We collaborate with manufacturing workshops and mills that strictly adhere to European standards, implementing high-quality control protocols and sustainable garment production processes.

Portugal and Egypt

The best cotton and sustainable practices. We ensure the certification of the entire supply chain for our organic and sustainable cotton products

OCCGuarantee® is our seal ensuring ethical and sustainable practices throughout every stage of the cotton’s transformation in the textile supply chain.

100% organic cotton from regenerative and biodynamic cultivation

Our cotton comes from our own regenerative agricultural project in Brazil and two pioneering and highly recognized projects – a biodynamic one in Egypt, Sekem, and another regenerative project in Turkey, Ege Organics. All three origins are key to ensuring the maximum purity of our products from the source.

We only work with 100% organic cotton from regenerative and biodynamic cultivation. This means it originates from genetically unaltered seeds, cultivated without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, using natural farming practices that restore and enhance soil quality through regenerative techniques that promote CO2 sequestration, biodiversity, and the development of farming communities.

The cotton from these three agricultural projects either holds or is in the process of obtaining various official certifications such as USDA, EU Organic, ROA, and Biodynamic Federation Demeter, ensuring organic, regenerative, and biodynamic standards.

Yarn cones made of 100% organic and regenerative cotton

All our yarns are made of 100% organic and regenerative cotton, produced by spinners who uphold labour rights and follow GOTS industrial processes. We offer them in the original natural colours of the cotton fibres.

Our OCC yarns are of high quality not only due to the organic and regenerative origin of the cotton but also because they are spun with combed and compacted cotton to select the longest fibres, producing smoother and more resilient threads.

All our yarn is carefully spun by selected spinners in Switzerland, Spain, Egypt, and Turkey:

Spoerry 1866, Switzerland.
Gonfaus, Spain.
Naturetex, Egypt.
Kadeks Textile, Turkey.

Fabrics in the natural colours of cotton or dyed without harmful chemicals.

All our fabrics, both woven and knitted, are crafted with 100% organic cotton yarns, produced by textile manufacturers that uphold labour rights and follow GOTS industrial processes.

We have an inventory of over 40 fabric references made with yarns from our different cotton varieties. We provide all fabrics undyed, preserving the natural colours of our cotton yarns. On demand, we can create any knitted or woven fabric, offering them in the natural colours of our yarns or by dyeing or printing them using GOTS principles, without involving humid dyeing processes and harmful chemicals.

We primarily manufacture our fabrics in Europe, in selected weaving mills in Portugal and Spain. We produce some special woven fabrics with suppliers from Turkey and Egypt:

Fervi, Portugal.
Carregal, Portugal.
Folgarolas Textil, Spain.
Naturetex, Egypt.
Kadeks Textile, Turkey.

Garment manufacturing services provided through factories committed to GOTS processes

We produce garment pieces under the OCCGuarantee® seal to ensure that the final link in the cotton industry chain reflects the values we uphold.

We collaborate with pioneering garment manufacturing companies committed to GOTS processes, highly professionalized and equipped with integrated quality control systems. Our garment production includes both knitwear and woven garments, using 100% organic cotton and other sustainable fibres. We use 100% organic cotton thread in the seams.

Our primary manufacturing takes place in Portugal and Spain, meeting the high standards of European quality. Additionally, we partner with suppliers in Turkey and Egypt who ensure the same quality standards, respect for workers’ rights, and the use of industrial processes that are considerate of both people and the planet:

Facetextil, Portugal.
Sourcetextil, Portugal.
Cotton Spot, Portugal.
Bsimple, Portugal.
Têxtil de Peúgas, Portugal.
Naturetex, Egypt.
Kadeks Textile, Turkey.

OCCGuarantee® Certification

Each of our products and productions is accompanied by our OCCGuarantee® certificate, verifying the sustainable sourcing of cotton and adherence to GOTS industrial standards. This certification underscores our commitment to environmentally friendly and ethically produced textiles.

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GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification stands as an international benchmark for textile products made with organic fibres. This standard was crafted to uphold credibility and transparency in the supply chain of organic textiles, covering the journey from raw material harvesting to the creation of the end product. Fundamental principles integral to GOTS certification encompass organic standards, environmental considerations, social responsibility, and meticulous guidelines for labelling and traceability assurance across the entire textile production process

Certification is a key indicator to ascertain whether a piece of clothing is made from organic cotton. Recognized certifications include GOTS, USDA Organic, or EU Organic, as well as other international certifications. While GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) encompasses the entire textile supply chain from raw material harvesting to the manufacturing of the final product, USDA Organic or EU Organic certifications specifically attest that the cultivation of cotton adheres strictly to 100% organic criteria: without genetically modified seeds, and free from herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers.

GOTS focuses on the certification of organic textile products in general, not limited to cotton alone. It encompasses the entire supply chain from raw material harvesting to the manufacturing of the final product. The cultivation of GOTS cotton must be 100% organic, with certifications such as USDA Organic or EU Organic ensuring the absence of genetically modified seeds and harmful pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. In contrast, the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) concentrates solely on more sustainable farming practices and socioeconomically fair conditions for farmers, without necessarily requiring organic cultivation free from environmentally harmful chemicals.