Unmasking greenwashing in regenerative agriculture: beyond glyphosate

In Pursuit of Authenticity: Advocating for Transparent Regenerative and Biodynamic Agriculture

Amidst the controversy surrounding Bayer’s statements at the Fruit Attraction event, we believe that authenticity and transparency are crucial in regenerative agriculture. At OCC, we are committed to sustainability and regenerative agricultural practices, and we wish to share our perspective and contribution to this important debate.

In the realm of regenerative agriculture, where sustainability and transparency should be the cornerstones, Rodrigo Santos’s recent declaration at the Fruit Attraction event in Spain has ignited a fierce debate. The assertion that “Glyphosate is a crucial element for sustainability and regenerative agriculture” has raised questions about the authenticity and agenda behind the statements of agrochemical companies.

Philippe Birker, an active critic of greenwashing in agriculture, has brought this controversy to the forefront, emphasizing the need to scrutinize the position of Bayer and other agrochemical companies in the regenerative agriculture movement. The discussion revolves around the role these companies have played in the degradation of biodiversity and soil health over the past five decades.

Unraveling Greenwashing in Agriculture

The term “greenwashing” is used when an environmentally friendly image is presented that does not reflect sustainable or environmentally respectful practices. In this case, Bayer’s statement on glyphosate as a key element in regenerative agriculture has sparked skepticism and criticism.

The Counterpart of the Controversy

Critics argue that the true essence of regenerative agriculture goes beyond crop yield, focusing on the ecosystem services that farmers provide. They advocate for a shift in the agricultural system, where farmers are rewarded not only for their production but also for their contribution to biodiversity and soil health.

Towards Transparent Regenerative Agriculture

The call is clear: it is time to unlink regenerative agriculture from the influence of agrochemical companies. The authenticity of the movement lies in rewarding farmers for practices that regenerate the land and promote biodiversity. This debate compels us to reflect on the true meaning of regenerative agriculture and not let greenwashing statements divert attention from a genuine shift towards more sustainable agricultural practices.

As advocates of transparency, at OCC, we maintain a fully transparent supply chain, from cultivation in Brazil, Turkey, and Egypt to the manufacturing of our products. We believe in consumers’ right to know the origin of their products and work tirelessly to provide that visibility.

We pledge to practice regenerative agriculture authentically, collaborating closely with farmers in Brazil, Turkey, and Egypt. We value not only crop performance but also the ecosystem services our farmers provide. We believe in a holistic approach that benefits both farmers and the environment.

Leading by Example

Bayer’s statement on glyphosate in regenerative agriculture is just the tip of the iceberg in the struggle for truly sustainable agriculture. Philippe Birker and other critics remind us of the importance of questioning corporate claims and advocating for an authentic approach to regenerative agriculture. At OCC, we are committed to leading by example. We embrace transparency, practice authentic regenerative agricultural methods, and maintain positive relationships with farmers.

As the agricultural industry reflects on authenticity in regenerative agriculture, we invite you to join us on this journey towards a fairer and more environmentally respectful agricultural future. We are committed and actively making a difference!