This piece of garment is made of the purest and most sustianble cotton for you and for the planet

100% organic & regenerative cotton from Family Farming project in Brazil


Color-Grown Cotton


Paraíba state, Northeast Brazil

Family farming agricultural model

  • Smallholder family farmers who own their own plots of arable land.
  • Community of 200 family farmers and 264 ha of arable land involved.
  • Farmers combine food for self-consumption with cotton cultivation.
  • Fair remuneration of full cotton production to ensure economic stability.

Agroregenerative Consortia farming model that naturally enriches the soil

  • 100% organic with no chemicals involved.
  • Only natural rain irrigation.
  • Combination of cotton cultivation with up to 4 different food crops throughout the year

Organic and Regenerative certifications


Full traceability of the cotton’s chain of custody

Organic & Regeneartive Cotton

Sourced from OCCGuarantee® Brazil Project


Spun in Portugal at Somelos SGPS, with OCCRegeneartive® Brazilian Color-grown Cotton


Woven in Portugal at Fervi SA, with OCCGuarantee® Brazilian Color-grown Cotton Yarns


Manufactured in Portugal at Sourcetextile, with OCCGuarantee® Brazilian Color-grown Cotton fabrics

The Brazilian Color-Grown Cotton

Millennia-old varieties of cotton that grow naturally in ivory, green, brown and reddish colours

  • BRS Rubí: Brown and reddish shades
  • BRS Verde: Green shades
  • Branco Aroeira & Mocó: ecru ivory shades

Care Guide

This piece of garment is unique and needs special care.

How you wash your clothes and how often you do it affects their lifespan as well as their impact on the environment. We recommend machine washing at a low temperature and using natural detergents.

The use of bleaches, detergents and chemical softeners can alter the quality and purity of the cotton fibre. Keep your clothes pure, just as you bought them.