This piece of garment is made of the purest and most sustainable cotton fabric for you and for the planet

100% organic & regenerative cotton from EGE ORGANICS project.


EGE ORGANICS, Carbon Farming Aegean Cotton


Esmina, Turkey.

Regenerative and CO2 sequestration practices

No-fill farming


Drip irrigation

Certified organic fertilizer

Cover cropping

Crop rotation


  • Improve s soil health and soil organic matter
  • Increases crop resistance, and enhances nutrient density.
  • Promotes biodiversity and water retention
  • Captures carbon at greater depths, reducing atmospheric CO2 levels

Organic and Regenerative certifications


Full traceability of the cotton’s chain of custody

Organic & Regeneartive Cotton

Sourced from EGE ORGANICS, Carbon Farming Aegean Cotton project


Spun in Turkey at Kadex Textile, with OCCRegeneartive® Turkish Aegean Cotton


Kintted in Portugal at Fervi SA, with OCCGuarantee® Turkish Cotton Yarns

The Turkish Aegean cotton

Upland cotton of the Aegean variety cultivated in the Mediterranean region of the Aegean for over 5,000 years.

Also known as “Turkish Cotton” or “Ege pamuğu“.

Exceptional quality due to the unique climate and soil conditions of the region:

  • Long staples (29,5 to 32 mm)
  • Natural shine and softness
  • High uniformity and minimal yellowing

Care Guide

This piece of garment is unique and needs special care.

How you wash your clothes and how often you do it affects their lifespan as well as their impact on the environment. We recommend machine washing at a low temperature and using natural detergents.

The use of bleaches, detergents and chemical softeners can alter the quality and purity of the cotton fibre. Keep your clothes pure, just as you bought them.